10 Good Reasons To Use Blue Lemon Anaqueous Skincare

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  1. Our skincare is made from only plant oils used for millennia to nourish and maintain skin, helping to retain elasticity and give protection. It's vegan and untested on animals.
  2. It’s concentrated. This means you use a lot less and it lasts longer – why spend more?
  3. With no added water there’s no need to use emulsifiers or preservatives. Everything you put on your skin is there just for you.
  4. No water also means it won’t evaporate away – what goes on your skin stays there.
  5. No emulsifier means no greasy residue – just long lasting silky smooth, well-nourished skin.
  6. It also means your skincare won’t rinse away so easily – much more durable
  7. No preservative means no need to worry about potential issues – don’t take a manufacturers word for it – if it contains water it contains a preservative.
  8. Using less means using less packaging – kinder to the environment.
  9. Our main ingredient, Shea Butter, comes from a tree which grows completely wild across Sub-Saharan Africa – a completely natural resource.
  10. We get ours from a women’s co-operative in Ghana. It’s hand produced and fair traded – every tub of cream, body butter or balm you buy helps support a rural community in one of the poorest parts of the world.

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  • Just me saying, yet again, how much I love your products, I love you, I love the shop and I love your whole ethos ??? Must get my bottom into Shrewsbury for a stock up for Christmas ? love love Melanie xxzz

    Melanie Foley on

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