Liquid soaps or Solid bars? Why handmade is still best.

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Blue Lemon liquid soaps are convenient, you can choose dispensers to match your bath or washroom, using a metered amount means you control how much is used each time and the strength of essential oils is constant from the first pump to the last drop. Using our refillable bottles or soluble paste means no plastic waste.

Our solid soap bars come in a variety of colours, give a better lather and you can choose from a range of soap dishes to keep your bar dry. As the soaps age, the fragrance does dissipate slightly, but they improve their lathering and hardness, so there is some trade off. Once again with solid soaps there is no plastic waste.

Our hand made soaps are made from plant oils, we use olive and coconut to determine the hardness, cleansing and conditioning properties and add other oils to enhance each batch. Our solid soaps also contain fair traded Shea Butter from Ghana. This is great for your skin and is full of natural anti-oxidant vitamin A and E. We have sourced our Shea Butter from the same woman’s co-operative for over nine years, so we know exactly where it comes from and how it is produced.

The liquid soaps are slightly different as they contain Organic Cocoa Butter, also great for your skin, it helps give these soaps a silky smooth texture. One of the plus points for Blue Lemon liquid soap is that unlike solid soaps, where some essential oils won’t anchor, we can use any blend of essentials and you can choose from our range of unique fragrances including Geranium & Lavender and our Frankincense blend.

Making natural soaps from plant oils means we don’t use any palm oil containing, skin irritating sulphate detergents. The precise science of modern soap making also means we can superfat our soaps. This is a soap making technique in which extra oils are added and not turned into soap, so each bar we make contains 5% moisturising oils and our liquid soaps contain 3% extra oils.

So the choice is yours, but you can be sure that whichever you choose, you’ll be getting a luxury product, hand made in our store in Shrewsbury, at an affordable price, which is much kinder to your skin and the environment, than any mass produced product. Why not pop into our shop in the High Street and find out more, we’d love to tell you all about it!

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