Why Should You Switch To AquaFree Skincare?

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What is AquaFree skincare?

AquaFree, or Anaqueous, creams and balms are pure, natural plant oils and butters with no unnecessary additives, whereas commercially produced creams and lotions are generally emulsions of oils and water, bound together by use of an emulsifier with additional preservatives

Why is AquaFree skincare better for your skin?

With AquaFree skincare you only apply what your skin needs to keep soft and supple. It has a higher proportion of anti-oxidants, vital in the fight against free radical skin damage and won’t evaporate like aqueous skincare. The absence of emulsifiers means it won’t leave a greasy residue or rinse off as easily. Your skin will be softer and healthier looking for longer and the rich oils can help prevent further environmental damage to your epidermis.

Why are preservatives not used with AquaFree skincare?

Natural oils and butters don’t provide an environment for microbial growth, so just like the oils you may use in your kitchen, no preservatives are required. It’s only when water is added that bugs and fungi can thrive, hence the need for strong, broad spectrum preservatives used in commercial skincare.

How does AquaFree skincare help the environment?

There are many ways you can help the environment using AquaFree skincare. As it’s made from concentrated oils and butters, you’ll use much less, less frequently, using fewer natural resources for a much greater benefit. Using less product also means using less packaging too, making it twice as good! Because there is no added water there are no Palm Oil sourced emulsifiers and as preservatives aren’t required, you’re not introducing fungicides and bactericides onto your skin or into the world around you.

Can I help others using AquaFree skincare?

The Shea Butter we use at The Blue Lemon as a base in many of our AquaFree creams, butters and balms comes from a small village in Northern Ghana. We have used the same women’s co-operative for over 8 years and know exactly the conditions it is produced in. It’s all hand made and fair traded, with the profits being put back into community projects. All in all, it’s a win – win situation for everybody.

This all sounds great, but it must be expensive?

When we started to produce AquaFree skincare at The Blue Lemon in Shrewsbury, we wanted to make it as inclusive as possible. That’s why we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the affordability of our products compared to big name brands selling water-based products.


Where can I buy AquaFree Skincare?

You can find all our AquaFree products at The Blue Lemon Shrewsbury High Street where you can meet the makers, try anything you like and find out more about all of our products or on line at www.thebluelemon.co.uk


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