Making Soap

We make all our soap here in Shrewsbury, by hand, from scratch using an centuries old tradition of mixing lye with plant oils to create natural soap molecules. All we add is colour, fragrance or essential oils. Different soaps have different fatty acid combinations which create different types of soaps. Some are very cleansing, some are conditioning, some are bubbly or creamy and some are soft or hard. We use a balance of olive and coconut oils with fair trade Ghanaian shea butter and castor oil to give the finest pure vegetable hand made soaps.

We only use enough lye to turn 95% of the oils into soap, so every bar has 5% moisturising oils locked inside.

Once we mix the oils and lye, the resulting batter is poured into a mould then stored in an insulated container for up to 48 hours before being unmoulded and left to cure. The exothermic chemical reaction gives off heat which "cooks" the soap, so no extra heating is required. This type of soap is called "Cold Process Soap"

We display the finished loaves in our shop until they're needed then we cut every single bar individually. The methods we use mean no two bars will ever look the same!. 

Each bar is then individually wrapped in jute ribbon and tied with a raffia bow. You can also purchase the bars in store unwrapped where we sell them by weight.

We hope you enjoy our soaps.