Look after your skin the natural way....

Skin protects you from the outside world. To work effectively it needs to be kept soft and supple.
Our bodies produce a natural oil, called sebum, which does this job, but  factors which prevent this natural oil from doing its work are age, stress, medication, washing, sensitivity, diet and health.
When we started development of our range we wanted to make creams, butters and balms which resemble our own natural oils in terms of composition and effectiveness.
The Blue Lemon Pure Shea Butter
Pure, organic, fairly traded, shea butter.
Sebum does not contain water, alcohol, parabens or other preservatives, emulsifiers, alcohols or stabilisers: Neither does our skincare.
Unlike industrially produced products, our main ingredient is not water (aqua on the ingredient list) but Shea Butter. This is a fantastic oil which comes from a tree that grows wild along the Sub-Saharan region across Africa. It comes from the kernel of the fruit of the tree and has been used for thousands of years as a moisturiser and skin protector in some of the harshest conditions there are.
We source ours from a woman’s co-operative in Ghana. It is hand produced, un-refined and fairly traded. It’s great on its own but not easy to use, so we add other, complementary oils to improve the effectiveness, texture and ease of use.
 Skincare made by hand
This is how we make our skincare!
Oils like Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Rice Bran, Coconut, Avocado and Cocoa Butter are just some. We add natural Vitamin E which is a fantastic anti-oxidant, it increases the shelf life of our creams and helps protect you from free radical damage.
We use essential oils for fragrance and make an unfragranced range for especially sensitive skins too.
Because our products contain no preservatives, they do not lend themselves to mass production.
We make everything ourselves, by hand, in small batches. You can visit our production facility at Maws Craft Centre to see how we make everything or visit our shop in Shrewsbury High Street and try samples of anything we make.
Geranium and Lavender Hand Cream
Enough hand cream for two hands!
Our Vegan skincare is not tested on animals and contains no animal products. We don’t use palm oil or palm oil derivatives either. It’s economical, you use a lot less than industrial products and is effective on your skin for much longer. No water means it won’t evaporate and no emulsifiers means it won’t dissolve and wash away so easily when you rinse your hands.
If you’re not familiar with our products, remember to use much less than usual, they’re pure oils and little goes a long way. We promise you’ll feel the difference!