Find out more about the ingredients we use and why we have chosen them for our formulas.

We have an expanding range of unfragranced products designed with sensitive skin in mind.

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Sensitive Skin Range

Our New Look Foot Pamper Kit

We do tend to take our little trotters for granted but they need a bit of love and care too!

Our Dead Sea Foot Soak with added Raw Cocoa Butter will not only revive sore tired feet but soften them too.

There is a foot file included which helps to remove stubborn dry skin which can be used on either wet or dry feet.

If you haven't tried our footbalm yet, you really have been missing out, it is truly remarkable. A little goes a long way, it can be used as often as you like and your feet will feel the benefit instantly.

Foot Pamper Kit

Hands feeling dry and unloved?

The Hand Repair Kit is a real treat, the benefits of which you will see and feel instantly.

Massage a small amount of superfine hand scrub over dry hands for a minute or two, then rinse in warm water. Dry thoroughly and then apply the intensive hand balm which is packed full of healing and softening oils. It is oily, you won't need much but it helps if you can just sit and relax and let it soak in or apply it just before bedtime.

The cuticle oil maybe in a small bottle but it is packed full of natural oils and essential oils all carefully selected because of their healing and nourishing properties. The oil is best used daily to see the best results and is great to use on toes too.

Hand Repair Essentials