About Us


We have been making handmade soap and skincare in the Midlands and Shropshire for over 14 years and still stay true to our original small batch recipes. We never adulterate our creams with water, we never use parabens, palm oil or palm oil derivatives, alcohol or emulsifiers. Our products are all vegan and only ever tested on humans.

We make a wonderful selection of award-winning head to toe skincare products which are both effective and affordable.
Based on the High Street in Shrewsbury since 2015 we have built a friendly, faithful relationship with our customers over that time both instore and online.
Jorg started making soap in 2009 from our kitchen in Birmingham, you can read his blog 'My First Bar of Soap' https://www.thebluelemon.co.uk/blogs/about-us/my-first-bar-of-soap  He got hooked and we ended up inundated with soap, I used to take it into the office where I worked at that time and share it with my co-workers, it went down a storm, so  much so one of my friends asked us along to her daughters pimary school fete to set up a stall selling out soap.  You can read how that went 'First Ever Craft Fair'   https://www.thebluelemon.co.uk/blogs/about-us/my-first-ever-craft-fair
We continued to attend craft fairs and fetes until in the Spring of 2011 we came across a unit to let at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, The Blue Lemon was born. 'Opening at the Jinney Ring' https://www.thebluelemon.co.uk/blogs/about-us/opening-at-the-jinney-ring

We spent 5 happy years at the Jinney Ring, making and selling our products from this tiny unit along with a talented selection of other crafters.  Many of these customers we still have today, they shop online or surprise us with a visit to the shop in Shrewsbury.  We are so thankful to our original customers for their support and feedback which has made our range of products what they are today.

It came to a time when we needed more space, we thought about getting a shop on a High Street but just couldn't find a place with the right feel where a passionate, independent, artisanal skincare shop would fit in.  A friend of ours suggested we visit Shrewsbury, we did, we fell in love and the rest as they say is history.  We secured our shop at 48 High Street, sold our house in Birmingham and opened our doors in the Autumn of 2015.  

Since then we have come along way, our customer base has grown, we have introduced new products and also have two amazing ladies who work with us, Annette and Toni, who share our commitment to customer service.