I began making soaps about a decade ago. A curiosity turned into a hobby which became a sideline and then our business, The Blue Lemon. I make all my soaps from plant oils and have never used palm oil or sulphates in any of my recipes. I use the Cold Process Soap making method and everything is made in small, individual batches.

Different plant oils are made up from different fatty acids, the component which makes soap, and as these different fatty acids have different properties in cooking, making each oil unique, they also have different properties in soap making.

Each soap I make has been designed with its specific use in mind. I blend  a balance of oils to make the best use of their properties and saponify (turn into soap) with either Sodium or Potassium Hydroxide, or a mixture of both.

Fatty acids are made from triglyceride molecules, with 3 fatty acids connected to a molecule of glycerin. When I combine the oils with the Hydroxide, the fatty acids react and become soap, liberating the glycerin. I never turn all the oils into soap, so each soap not only has naturally occurring glycerin but also a percentage of moisturising oils too.

This makes them gentle on your skin, with lovely lathering, cleansing and conditioning properties. 

If you already use our soaps, you'll know what I mean, and if you haven't yet, I'm sure you'll love the difference.