Our Journey

The Blue Lemon began with Jorg & Jenny’s hand made soap back in 2010. We made the soap in a spare room at home in Birmingham, selling at markets, craft fairs, school fetes and anywhere else we could manage, while both working full time.
The Blue Lemon Hatton Hand Made Soap
Jorg & Jenny's Hand Made Soaps!
Things got serious when we took on a unit at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, in Worcestershire, and Jorg left the relative security of working as a researcher at the BBC to run the business full time. We opened to the public in June 2011, by now developing our skincare products alongside our soaps.
The Blue Lemon Jinney Ring
Jinney Ring Craft Centre
We quickly became established and in 2012 Jenny was able to leave her role in financial services as the Blue Lemon became a full time career for both of us.
As our customers, both in store and on line, grew, we realised we would need more space. After all the Jinney Ring unit was only 4m x 4m and we made and sold everything in that tiny space!
Early in 2014 we opened our second unit at Hatton Shopping World, in Warwickshire, hoping with two units we would be able to increase our range of products, which we did to an extent. Although business there went well and our customer base increased, we rapidly ran out of space and logistics were a nightmare, running backwards and forwards between two units.
the Blue Lemon Hatton
The Blue Lemon, Hatton
In 2015, on a rare day out together, we spotted a beautiful old Georgian shop on the High Street in Shrewsbury for rent. We thought about it for a while. It would be a big leap to move our business and home to another county!
The Blue Lemon Soap Shop Shrewsbury
The Blue Lemon, Shrewsbury
With a deep intake of breath, we took the plunge and opened in Shrewsbury in November 2015.
Now we've had our second Christmas here and it's been wonderful so far, meeting lots of new customers and welcoming our existing ones to the delights of Shrewsbury. 
What will happen next - watch this space!