The Blue Lemon

Welcome to The Blue Lemon. All our products are made by us, by hand. We use Shea Butter as the main ingredient in all our creams, butter and balms. It is a completely natural resource and comes from a tree which grows wild across the central belt of Africa. Shea Butter is what people in that region have been using for thousands of years to moisturise and protect their skin. All we do is add more butters, oils and essential oils to enhance and improve its properties. No added water, emulsifiers or preservatives - just they way nature intended. 

We have used the same woman's co-operative to supply our Shea butter for over 6 years now, it's hand produced and fairly traded. The profits the co-operative make are being re-invested into the community.

Thousands of people now enjoy using our products, we hope you do too.