French Clay Face Mask Kit

French Clay Face Mask Kit

  • £22.00

100% natural and mineral rich, French Clay is a wonderful way to draw toxins from under the skin, it gently exfoliates, nourishes and stimulates blood circulation encouraging skin regeneration. Green Clay is naturally rich in minerals making it wonderful for all skin types, and particularly for oily skin. Used regularly, it delivers a powerful re-balancing effect, absorbing excess sebum, gently cleansing, stimulating the skin's natural defence mechanism and restoring new tone in the face.

When blended with Tea Tree Floral Water and applied as a mask it will detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen your skin, extracting impurities from the skin helping you to maintain smooth and fresh-looking skin.

This kit contains:

  • French Clay 50 g
  • Floral Water 100 ml
  • Cotton Head Band
  • Face Mask Brush
  • Removal Sponge

Instructions for use (please read before using):

  • Blend 2 teaspoons of clay with 2 teaspoons of floral water to make a paste using the brush provided or with a plastic/wooden spoon.
  • Apply to face, and neck if desired, and leave for no longer than 10 minutes, do not allow to go fully dry. Rinse off with warm water using the removal sponge.
  • Pat skin dry and then apply floral water as a toner using a cotton wool pad.
  • Moisturise as usual.

Be aware that clays may stain clothing. It is normal for skin to appear red for a short time after a face mask due to the toxins being drawn to the surface of the skin.


    Please note that all of our products are vegan with the exception of the Face Mask Brush.

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